What We Do.

As a leading semiconductor test product company, Yanchang has a comprehensive product range. Yanchang’s products span from the smallest test components, such as a probe pins, to complete test systems.

With innovations such as stamped probe pins, hybrid burn-in and system test sockets, and high density test systems, Incavo has responded to industry demands for solutions to difficult test requirements. We have been in the forefront in developing new and cost effective test products.

Sales Network.

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Trusted Production.


Designed to maximize quality and cost efficiency.  Fabrication of critical components in Japan. Assembly and multi-level quality control in both Japan and China under Japanese management.


Diverse manufacturing techniques for best product outcome to meet customer requirements. Machining, stamping, forging, electroforming, injection molding and combination of methods for optimal product performance and cost.


Extensive in-house reliability test to ensure product quality: X-Ray, SEM / EDX, hardness, ESD, CCC, Temperature Cycling, Power Cycling, FDR, Mechanical cycling, etc…

Engineering & Support.

  • Mechanical / Electrical / Thermal
  • Over 10 patents and proprietary processes and designs
Design Tools
  • Simulation: HFSS, Q3D, FloTHERM
  • 3D Modeling: SolidWorks
  • Prototypes: internal resources for proof of concept builds
  • Local offices with engineering support throughout Asia
  • Available design services for customer ownership